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    ColorSuckr is a nifty free online application that creates color schemes based on any online image. Not only could this be beneficial to designers for creating kit color palettes but is also a great way for scrappers to design a layout for their photos based on the color palette it creates – perfect for those photos you are struggling to use because you are not sure which colors would work best.
    Go to Extract colors from photos and make color schemes | ColorSuckr


    You can enter any online image URL. To use your own photos you will need to have them uploaded online somewhere (eg Flickr, PhotoBucket, Photopost Gallery). Simply copy the direct link from your address bar or right click the image, choosing properties and copying the image address for the jpg, gif or png image.

    The page will show the image and the 12 most represented colors scheme for the image. (Not all visible on the screen shot below).

    Under each color, Hex, Websafe and RGB codes are shown. There is also an addition option under each color to Show Color Schemes. Clicking on Show will display random color swatches based on the selection.

    Clicking on the small arrow will transfer you to with a search to more swatches based on that color.

    Scroll down to save the ColorSuckr scheme in a variety of formats including a swatch file for Photoshop.

    There is also an option found on the main page for Firefox users to install an add on for using the ColorSuckr.

    Once installed Firefox users can right click any image, choose Extract Image Colors, and a ColorSuckr web page will open with the color palettes.

    There are more tips for using the ColorSuckr on the site. A fabulous little application you are sure to find it useful and fun.



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